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Hunting For Cheap Used Cars

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Hunting For Cheap Used Cars Februari 2018

Buy a used car for some people to be the right choice today want to have a vehicle but insufficient funds to buy new. In addition to the quality does not change much, it was clearly more affordable.
In fact, the cars of some brands have a fairly high depreciation rates. As a result, the price of jualnya was so much cheaper than other brands used car price with the same year.
Many factors make a resale price brands this SAG, among others, the availability and the price of spare parts as well as the corresponding brand image in the eyes of consumers.
For those of you who are looking for a used car in young, these cars can also be a consideration because his model is still not yet outdated. In addition, you also don`t have to spend more in.
Summarized from various sources, the following rows of the brand that you can consider when going to buy a used car:
1. mobil nissan
Nissan be one brand in Indonesia who market the global model line, call it X-Trail, Juke, or the NV200 in Indonesia was marketed as Evalia.
However, the resale price of Nissan cars from either type of SUV and MPV arguably the most low if compared with other brands in the same segment and production.
"The price of a used car that is less good for the Nissan brand influenced from the problem parts. Meanwhile, for the X-Trail alerts to 2012, the shape is less acceptable to buyer, said Kosasih Herjanto, Senior Marketing Manager for WTC Mangga Dua, written Saturday (9/5/2015).
For Nissan X-Trail, when launched in 2012 and then PT Nissan Motor Indonesia membanderolnya range with prices starting from Rp approx. 321.5 million to Rp 392,5 million. Meanwhile, the new price of the Grand Livina removable with a range between USD $ 179 million to Rp 260,5 million.
From the radar of Kapoww. com at one of the sites selling online, cheapest price Grand Livina ex. 2012 i.e. $ 130 million for 1.5 SV type with automatic transmission, while for the more expensive i.e. 1.8 Highway Star Autech dibanderol Usd 160 million.
As for the price of a used Nissan X-Trail alerts 2012 cheapest dibanderol Usd 210 million to ST variant with a manual transmission. Meanwhile, the highest price this SUV dibanderol Usd 285 million.
2. mobil chevrolet
Origin of the brand country Uncle Sam is also included which depreciate fairly high. Prior to the Spin model, prices were reduced significantly after the closure of the factory of General Motors (GM) Indonesia in Bekasi
GM Indonesia insists that the entire after-sales service for car multi purpose vehicle (MPV) will not be affected. But according to Herjanto, many consumers are starting to think-think to buy a used Spin. So, they will consider the availability of spare parts.
As for the Spin to 2014 alerts marketed price range Rp 148,2 million to Rp 203,2 million. Meanwhile, the price of a used MPV it ranges between $ 162 million to $ 175 million.
In addition to the Spin, another Chevrolet Captiva model also depreciate quite high. When it launches in June 2014, the SUV is marketed GM Indonesia with prices starting from Rp 364,5 million and Rp 449,5 million.
As for the prices of second-hand Captivas currently ranges from $ 280 million to 310 million.

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