Beranda » In addition to This, its founders came 4 Morata Castilla who Squandered Madrid

In addition to This, its founders came 4 Morata Castilla who Squandered Madrid

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In addition to This, its founders came 4 Morata Castilla who Squandered Madrid Desember 2017

Jakarta-Real Madrid`s penchant for collecting valuable expensive star players make an impact in our young players are bad for them. Very difficult for Real Madrid B or penggawa Castilla to be able to penetrate the main team of Los Blancos.
Champions League is currently bemoaning the management decision the Club sell striker Alvaro Morata to Juventus in summer 2014. Morata appear chic since the main joint I Bianconeri.
Spain`s youth could make Madrid failed to qualify for the Champions League final this season. Morata became a nightmare for Madrid when meet Juventus in the first leg of the semifinals of the Champions League. When it scored one goal, Morata who helped Juventus win 2-1. Madrid is now required to win 1-0 in the second leg when you want to pass to the Party Summit. read about harga sepeda listrik murah
Long before Morata, often enough to squander the talents of gifted team Madrid Castilla. Some of the young players in our League who squandered even now shines with other clubs.
4. Alvaro Negredo
Negredo was purchased in 2005, Madrid from Rayo Vallecano and placed in team Castilla. The team spent two years in Castilla, Negredo of Almeria was released.
Because it is very sharp in Almeria, Madrid using the option to buy back Negredo in 2009. Bad luck for Negredo, he was unable to penetrate the main team.
Sevilla has saved the careers of Negredo in the summer of 2009. With Sevilla, Negredo could rise. He scored 70 goals in 139 matches so that Manchester City are interested in buying it by 2013.
3. Roberto Soldado
MOCA the most similar to Soldado Morata. The Tottenham Hotspur striker is its founders came Castilla Madrid.
Soldado was signed in Madrid`s main squad from 2006 to 2008. However, Soldado can rarely be playing time. He only dropped 27 times and managed four goals.
The new Soldado poignancy emerges when playing at Getafe. Valencia were interested in buying it in 2010. Three years in the Mestalla soccer, Soldado hijacked tottenham. read about harga mesin jahir mini
2. Juan Mata
Manchester United is also its founders came Castilla. He joined the junior team of Madrid in 2003.
The eye never got a chance to play in the major League team. Player 27 years it moved to Valencia in 2007. At the Mestalla soccer, eyes appear brighter and so pass it career in the Premier League with Chelsea and United Kingdom now with MU.
1. Samuel Eto`o
The Cameroon midfielder joins Madrid Castilla team in 1997. But team B Madrid relegated to Division three. The third caste, a non-European Union players are prohibited from performing. Eto`o also had to accept the fate was loaned out to several clubs.
Since Madrid had a lot of top strikers like Raul Gonzales, Eto`o had not had the opportunity to play in the first team of Los Blancos. read more about harga sepeda listrik
Eto`o was eventually purchased by Real Mallorca after performing a hit during the loan. Mallorca`s Eto`o prowess makes it a perennial rivals Madrid, Barcelona, bought it in 2004.
Along with Barcelona, Eto`o has become one of the most feared strikers in the world. A variety of prestigious degree is able to come by Eto`o in the Nou Camp. She has also several times successfully scored against Madrid.

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